inVision, the most prominent German magazine specialized in Machine Vision, awarded us with their prestigious Top Innovation 2019 award.

WoW! We are speechless!

Excitement aside, how did we manage to win this award in such a short period of time (deevio is five months old)? Looking back at these few months, here is what worked for us:

We identified one, important problem to solve. Namely, the fact that in the manufacturing industry none of the stakeholders is equipped to develop CNN models for inspection. This is important because you need super specialized models to solve real manufacturing inspections with 99.9% accuracy. Generic models will not get you to that level of accuracy. This is the problem that deevio solves. One problem and one problem only. One industry (manufacturing) and one industry only.

We tackled only this problem, nothing more, nothing less. When you have a small team and scarce resources, you must focus. Everybody knows this, but not many practice this day in and day out. It requires a serious amount of discipline. It requires that you say “No” to many potential customers. At deevio, we have been practicing this from day one. We have thrown everything we got on developing best-in-class CNN models for our customers. Nothing more, nothing less.

We did not allow extra features to creep. It is always tempting to add features and “nice to have” to your software development. Afterall, engineers are creative types and they love to express their creativity, but features do not necessarily translate in real benefits for the customers. However, they always translate in longer development times. At deevio, we keep it simple and we say “No” to feature creeps.

We talked to potential customers early and often. Before you write a single line of code, it has to be crystal clear what the customer really wants and what expectations they have. It is prudent not to oversell what your technology can do. At deevio, we have started engaging with customers from day one not to sell but to understand what their pains were.

Produly presenting our award

Hopefully, we will continue to embrace this modus operandi going forward as we scale deevio up.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019