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Case Study Automotive - Inspection of throttle bodies

"With deevio's AI software, we were able to detect defects where we always
defects where we always failed with conventional image processing."

- Project Manager Development, Automotive Supplier

Deevio works with a manufacturer of die-cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry based in Bavaria, Germany.

Among other things, the company manufactures throttle bodies, which were manually inspected for these defects after the casting process:

  • Flaking

  • Pores

  • Depressions due to flaking 

  • Pressure marks

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robot arm.JPG

Approach of the Vision Setup


For this purpose, deevio designed a camera setup, especially for the challenging casting surface, with which all defects became visible on the images. The butterfly valves are then handled by a robot arm, which guides the components in three different positions under the camera and thus can check all sealing surfaces to be inspected.

Image acquisition and the creation of the AI software

No complex test code is required for the creation of the AI software; sample parts with the defects to be tested are sufficient here. deevio takes pictures of these, marks the defect on the picture together with the automotive supplier and can then carry out the first tests after just a few hours.
Providing and evaluating sample parts is the only thing deevio's customer had to do here.

In doing so, deevio not only shows that a throttle valve is defective, but also where in the image the defect is.
This allows the customer to keep statistics on the defects that occur and improve the production process.

visual inspection
Pressmetall 3.png
Pressmetall 2.png
Pressmetall 1.png

How can you benefit?


If you perform manual quality inspections or have a camera system you are not satisfied with, feel free to contact us. We will find an individual solution for your application and deliver the complete system fitted to your needs.

Get in touch with us here.

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