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deevio automates visual inspections in production. The combination of AI, software and hardware enables us to solve complex use cases and to deploy our machine vision system in factories. ​

Three steps leading to success:

  1. Deliver a new vision system or retrofit an existing vision system

  2. The combination of AI software and hardware

  3. Support in the production 

1. Services we offer

Integration into new machine vision systems

  • Automate manually done quality control from the ground up

  • Integrate into your production by using AI software and hardware

Integration into existing machine vision systems

Take a look at an already completed project here.

  • retrofit your existing inspection systems 

  • decrease the false defect rate

  • expand inspection possibilities by adding new defect types


2. deevio's AI Software and Hardware


AI Hardware

  • deevio's AI box includes the following standard hardware for AI applications

  • Depending on cycle times, we choose the right GPU

  • PLC connection, real-time control system

AI Software

  • deevio's Toolkit includes a variety of modern AI architectures with different functions

  • it is more than a model: automatic finding of the best and most suitable architecture for the present data set

  • the toolkit includes classification, segmentation, and object recognition models

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 09.57.49.png

Want to know more about the AI box, download our brochure here

Click here to download

3. Support in the production

Active Learning

  • AI model suggests which images to label

  • Shortens time for re-training the AI model in production

  • Images with the highest learning effect are preselected

  • The time budget of the customer is optimally used for next model iteration

Labelling Tool

  • Easy labeling of defects per image or per pixel

  • No programming knowledge required for AI training

  • deevio develops explainable AI functions (XAI) to better understand and visualize the decisions made by AI models

Group 35.png

Capturing a new image


Labelling a defect

look inside deevio's Software - how to add a new product type


Save Costs

Automate your quality inspection, reduce your false eject rates and save the costs.

Low Supervision Effort

Support in the production with labelling tool and active learning

Easy to Use

 No machine vision or programming skills needed

Data Analytics

​Data export: analyze the data and improve the overall production


How can you benefit?


If you perform manual quality inspections or have a camera system you are not satisfied with, feel free to contact us. We will find an individual solution for your application and deliver the complete system fitted to your needs.

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