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wenglor sensoric group acquires Berlin-based, AI and image processing start-up deevio

Tettnang/ Berlin – With the acquisition of software developer deevio, the wenglor sensoric group, based in Tettnang, Germany, is gaining greater know-how in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science while also creating new opportunities for future innovations in the field of Machine Vision. Based in Berlin, deevio GmbH was spun off from the Viessmann Group’s incubator wattx. deevio will remain in existence after it is integrated into the wenglor sensoric group, with Christian Vollrath, Head of Computer Vision, taking over management in the future.

“We are delighted that, with the acquisition of deevio GmbH, we have this opportunity to further strengthen our expertise and capability in the field of machine vision," stresses wenglor Managing Director Rafael Baur. "In recent years, deevio has developed a great deal of know- how in using AI and data science for image processing applications within the automation industry, which is a considerable advantage for us." The Berlin-based software developer specializes in the automation of visual inspection processes in production. Combining AI, software, and hardware, the image processing systems developed by deevio are used as solutions for complex production applications. Artificial intelligence can be used, among other things, to automate manual quality controls that cannot be solved with rule-based image processing. These solutions are already being used in many different areas of production within the automotive, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

Just a few weeks ago, wenglor caused quite a sensation in the industrial image processing sector with the release of its B60 series. The Smart Camera B60 is a comprehensive solution for challenging image processing applications. "Our B60-series Smart Cameras with wenglor uniVision 3, wenglor’s integrated high-performance software ecosystem, have expanded the machine vision horizon in our industry," says Christian Vollrath, who is Head of Computer Vision at wenglor and now taking over management of deevio as General Manager. "The course is clearly set for further innovations in AI and image processing. This is also why I see such great potential in this move, because, with deevio, we are now able to expand on our commitment to sustainable solutions.

During the acquisition process, deevio received support from LSJ.Advisory. CEO and co-founder Damian Heimel will offer deevio support for another six months, at which point wenglor will assume responsibility for its strategic management. Co- founder Dr. Tassilo Glander will continue to manage deevio's tech team. "wenglor is the ideal partner for us, because it enables us to scale our AI technology and offer it to a much larger group of customers. We are very happy to be part of this innovative family going forward," says Damian Heimel.

In addition to the co-founders, deevio's shareholders also included Italian holding company Image S Holding S.r.l. For the time being, the only minority shareholder besides wenglor is SFO, a venture capital firm from southern Germany. wenglor and deevio’s development teams will now work on integrating deevio technology into wenglor’s uniVision software environment, thus making it available to wenglor’s customers.

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