We automate industrial quality control

Quality control is often still done manually. However, the task of visually inspecting parts is exhausting, prone to errors and inconsistent. Deevio’s mission is to assist the operators by automating the visual quality control tasks.

How deevio works

Our customer engagement process is simple and straightforward

We develop the deep learning model you need

By generating an individual and tailored architecture for each set of images, our models are more accurate, 20% faster and require 100-times less memory than standard architectures.

We make machine vision flexible

deevio reduces the time it takes to deploy a machine vision system while increasing flexibility in your production lines. Moreover, our models cope much better with product variation and change of recipes.

We provide
insights, not just analytics

deevio stores and analyses all images coming from quality control and provides customers with relevant insights, reports and recommendations to improve their production and product development processes.

Industries where you find deevio

deevio can be applied in every industry.
Given enough pre-classified image data, we can solve almost every use case.


Our team lives, breathes and dreams in machine vision mode.


Damian Heimel

Co-founder and COO


Donato Montanari

Co-founder and CEO


Tassilo Glander

Co-founder and CTO


Let's work together.

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Swinemünder Str. 121
10435 Berlin

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