deevio automates end-of-line quality control

using machine learning


Automate your visual inspections

At the end of your production line, there are operators doing visual inspections. Together with our partners, we install a full system to automate this tedious and inefficient process.

Improve your existing machine vision systems

You already have a machine vision system, but it produces too many false rejects. We combine your existing hardware with our machine learning software to improve the performance.

Integrate our machine learning software into your machines

You are building the next state of the art automation machine and you have little time and resources to develop the inspection program. We do this for you with our machine learning software.

deevio's die casting inspection (DCI) system

Especially in the die casting industry, we have seen lots of examples in which the end-of-line quality control is still done manually.

We have developed a tailored set of machine learning algorithms for quality inspection that are able to cope with the high requirements of the industry. Download our brochure to learn more about it!



We are a team of 13 professionals with a passion for machine learning and industrial automation. We have developed a unique set of tools, software and inspection programs focussed entirely on end-of-line quality control.

We are working with customers in these industries

  • Automotive

  • Die casting

  • Pharmaceutical

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Let's work together on your application!

Our Office

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deevio GmbH

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deevio is supported by the Pro FIT Program of the Investitionsbank Berlin. The goal of the cooperation is the research and development of continuous learning algorithms for automated quality control. This project is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).