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deevio appears on the German AI Startup Landscape 2022

The appliedAI startup Landscape examined over 400 startups in Germany who implement AI technologies. The goal of appliedAI with the help of +40 partners from academia, government and industry, is to create an ecosystem in which AI startups can flourish and help shape the future of AI. Moreover, creating the Landscape which is ultimately a database of AI startups, enables corporations and SMEs an easier access to AI partners they can trust.

Selection of startups from the manufacturing industry.

This year's selection has been made together with NVIDIA, Google and nine venture capital firms (Digital+ Partners, Earlybird Capital, eCAPITAL, High-Tech Founder Funds, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Lakestar, UVC, La Famiglia and Asgard), where over 400 startups were examined. All startups were founded after 2012 with a business model based on machine learning. The startups were founded in Germany or conduct their main business activities in Germany.

To get more details on the industry and the selection process, you can have a look here.

The information and data has been retrieved from the appliedAI website.

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